Global Forward Logistics Co.,Ltd provides some soluations about international shipping from China. If you get more questions you can feel free to contact us.


Q: What Payment Methods should I Choose?

A: Pay by Western Union;
    Pay by PayPal;
    Pay by Wire Transfer;(Pay to company bank account);


Q: How to confirm the shipping rate?

A: That's according your shipping way. There are three shipping way: Sea/Air and Express services. Different shipping numbers and ways will take different cost. You'd better contact our sales. They will reply clearly according your situation.


Q: How long will it take my shipment?

A: If ship by air that will be about 3-5 shipping days. If ship by sea that will be more shipping time.


Q: If not only one suppliers how should I do?

A: That's very simple. After we confirm the shipping rate. Only you need to do just show us your all supplier information. We will contact one by one and collect to ship together. That will save your cost.


Q: What's different of EXW and FOB shipping?

A: If do FOB your suppliers will handle local charge. You just handle shipping rate from China port; If EXW all shipping rate need you to handle that.


Q: When should I pay?

A: If ship by air or express. Before ship you need to pay.
    If ship by sea. You can pay after ship.


Q: What Is the Bill of Lading?

A: The Bill of Lading is a transport document issued in sea freight. It is a document normally required to be presented at destination to obtain the release of cargo.


Q: What Is the AWB?

A: The AWB, short for Airway Bill, is a transport document for Air freight. The Air Waybill number and flight information enables tracking of your consignment.


Q: How to count the Volume weight?

A: Ship by air. 1CBM=167KG. Or Length (cm)*height (cm)*width (cm) divided by 6000

    Ship by express. 1CBM=200KG. Or Length (cm)*height (cm)*width (cm) divided by 5000


Q: Do I Need Insurance?

A: Under limited liability, damaged or lost cargo is assessed by weight, not value. That is to say, there is no guarantee of recovery against a carrier for the full amount of the loss and damage and your compensation may be dramatically less than the commercial value of the goods. However, we recommend goods are adequately covered by insurance.

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